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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Center Florida Construction Update for August 4, 2016

The International Center Florida is a very busy place. Workers this week included master carpenters, electricians, stucco installers, dry wall installers and foam insulation installers.

The southwest wing of the building, which we knew was the most damaged by termites and water, has temporary shoring placed on the exterior walls to prevent movement as workers prepare to remove the damaged wood down to the old basement.

Meanwhile back on the north side of the building drywall is being hung in the bedrooms and banquet hall. Temporary air conditioning units were installed where the drywall is being hung to remove the humidity.


Foam insulation was applied to the ceiling on the second floor of the northwest wing and under the flooring of the dining room.


Electricians are busy running long lines of conduit throughout the building and working on building maintenance room circuit boxes in each wing.


The northwest stair tower was stuccoed to match the building.


Carpenters were busy  completing the lobby stairs to the second floor.











Roofers completed hot mopping the roofs of the electrical and dining room bumpouts. Hot mopping is a process of applying hot tar and then covering it with thick roofing paper.













Window installers continue the process of preparing, installing and waterproofing the windows in the northeast wing. City inspectors approve each step of the installation. Please check back again later for more updates.





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