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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Center Florida Construction Update

The southwest wing of the International Center Florida is ready for steel supports to be delivered. After many weeks of engineering discussions on how to preserve the original brick and still provide structural support, we are ready. Vertical footers and knee walls are now in place and steel is scheduled to be delivered and installed by May 20. The southwest wing will host two floors of guest rooms plus the rooftop bar to watch sunsets over beautiful St John’s pass.






Inside the Fenway the rough-in framing for the lobby bar and dining room bar and restrooms is almost complete.

Guest rooms in the northeast and southeast wings are awaiting low voltage wiring for cable and Internet before the walls can be closed and finishes can be applied.

Courtyard preparations are underway. Masons are preparing patio footers and stairways.









Fire alarms and sprinklers have been installed throughout the building.


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