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The Dragon's Head Blog: How My Practice Is Helping Me Deal with Cancer

Having been diligent about my annual mammogram for the past 35 years, I was shocked to be diagnosed with breast cancer recently. (Thankfully, it is early stage.) 

What was perhaps equally surprising was the way some people tried to be encouraging by saying things like, « You’re a fighter!” « Give cancer hell!” « You will win this war. » But I did not feel like conducting a war. Instead, I felt that things had spun out of control and I needed calming down. I needed quiet, centeredness, balance, a focused intention and relaxation—the concepts we learn to value through the Taoist Tai Chi® arts. Of course, surgery and radiation are part of the treatment plan. But also on my healing agenda is the quiet strength, mindfulness, meditation, and the balance I’ve learned from our Taoist Tai Chi® practice. For that I am very grateful.


California Branch

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