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The Dragon's Head Blog: Having Fun with Immortality

For many it was great to see Dr. Karen Laughlin return to Colchester again, after several years, and for others it was a wonderful opportunity to meet her for the very first time. For all of us it was a special time, a chance to hear some stories about Mr. Moy and also the Eight Immortals, especially Immortal Lu who brought the three teachings of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism together, laying the foundation for Mr. Moy’s, Fung Loy Kok’s and the Taoist Tai Chi Society’s spiritual tradition.

It reminded us how fortunate we are to be part of Mr. Moy’s tradition, a genuine Taoist lineage. This thought helped put us in an attentive and open state of mind, a state of sincerity, and made us eager to absorb as much as we possibly could. And there was a lot.

Karen talked about how it is important to work on one’s character and heart as well as on one’s physical body, giving deeper insights into the practise of our arts.

We worked on turning, stretching and rising and falling, finding these movements afresh in the body and the set, adding a new sense of dynamism.  For those of us new to the arts (and there were a large number participating in their first workshop), for those of us practising for many years and everyone in between there was something unexpected, revealing, exciting as we each opened our bodies and minds in new ways, to new possibilities, helping us feel younger and more alive.

This deep yet light work led to much enjoyment, new perspectives on balance, laughter and a friendly and easy-going atmosphere, allowing us to work harder for longer.

Whether chopping vegetables, cooking, sharing/receiving instruction, chanting or participating in the AGM it all became one big set of relaxed tai chi. Taoist Tai Chi™ arts 24/7. It’s a wonderful life.

Thank you Fung Loy Kok and thank you Karen.

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