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The Dragon's Head Blog: Fundraising with a Rummage Sale in Portland, Oregon

Every other summer the Portland branch puts on a two-day rummage sale  This year’s sale was huge and brought equally huge results with sales reaching over $7,000.  It was hard work by many which paid off for the society.  Participants prepared for the event by donating treasures, working for two days pricing donations, making signs and posting sale information on the internet and in the neighborhood.  On both days of the sale volunteers arrived early to put up canopies for sun and rain protection, to set up the tables, to carry the merchandise outside and to artfully arrange the merchandise. They also reversed the process at the end of each day.  During both days of the sale participants volunteered as cashiers and table monitors, and to provide snacks for the volunteers.  Of course we all found a few treasures to purchase.

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