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The Dragon's Head Blog: Forty-three Americans Attend Summer Tai Chi Week in Orangeville


One hundred and eighty-one participants took part in this year’s summer tai chi week at the International Center in Orangeville.  Forty-three of them were Americans. Every region in America was represented. Many met before one of the morning sessions for a group photo. Tony Kwong, our workshop leader, and Karen Laughlin, International President, joined us. It was a beautiful day, sunny and 70° F (∼20° C). Tony worked us hard that day but we all had happy smiles on our faces, even during danyus. Karaoke danyus made a brief appearance to help celebrate Tony’s birthday.  As always during workshops many task groups were formed to help with the day-to-day tasks at the center. A task group was formed to help keep the weeds down on the walks to the temple. The grass on the property is being kept longer to help keep our wildflowers in bloom longer for our bees to enjoy. We all enjoyed the new additions to the merchandise room of bees wax lip balm and skin cream in addition to the honey. We all regretted leaving as it always seems to be over too quickly.

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