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The Dragon's Head Blog: FLK helps refugee family

In early 2016, when refugee families were being welcomed to Canada, many groups chose to sponsor a family as they adjust to their first year in our country.  A number of groups in Collingwood sponsored Syrian families, including the First Presbyterian Church. In their search for rental homes, this church approached our Collingwood Branch regarding the manse adjacent to our building.

This manse, a vacant three-bedroom bungalow, was an ideal fit. After much discussion, we approached the Directors with this proposal. Generously, the Directors offered use of this house rent-free for one year to the sponsoring group.
As preparations were made, excitement grew. Our participants were pleased to be of help.
It was a long wait, but finally this summer on August 9, we received notification that a family of five was arriving; Mom, Dad and three children ages 12, 8, and 4.
Despite the language barrier, the family smiles, waves and greets our participants coming to class.
This is another example of how we as an organisation reach out to help others. Thank you to the Directors for supporting this local initiative.

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