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The Dragon's Head Blog: Fall Tai Chi Week at the International Centre, November 25th – 29th, 2017

« So powerful, so profound » were the words of a first-time participant of a program at the International Centre. 173 people from various countries have gathered at the International Centre near Orangeville, Ontario, to play and practice Taoist Tai Chi® while learning more about the body and physiology.

With Marsha Eberhardt as our program leader, we have explored pushing from the feet, spiralling, wrapping and lengthening as we practice Don-Yu, Tor-Yu and Ward Off Monkeys.  She encouraged us to find « the moment » and to be gentle with ourselves as we gather to practice in our small groups.  Another participant commented on how wonderful it felt to do Tor Yu without pain in her hip.

From within the wealth of our own participants, there have been presentations about the knee joint, about living with pain, preventing falls, and the recently released Canadian Healthcare Questionnaire Detailed Report.

Each day we are reminded that the lineage of teachings is long. The lessons affect us deeply and the gratitude that we have for the gifts that Master Moy has given us goes beyond words.


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