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The Dragon's Head Blog: Fall Tai Chi Week Day 3 – The fullness of the room


Building on yesterday’s strong foundation, we continued to work on opening up,  focusing on the don-yu and the first few moves of the set.We were reminded that when we drop our elbows, the Latissimus dorsi muscle relaxes. Going all the way up will align the structure, allowing a natural drop with the knees following. We used the push from the feet to open up right to our fingertips, straight up through the top of the head, all the way to the penthouse!

With the Holiday Banquet coming up, we learned about the history of our banquets. The volunteerism, the raised awareness of our organization to the wider community,and the importance of connecting with politicians and each other.
Even with the fullness in the room, we continue to move well together as group.

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