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The Dragon's Head Blog: Donation highlight at Mother’s Day banquet

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The Mother’s Day banquet in Toronto had special significance this year, with the Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism presenting a cheque for $50,000 to Red Cross Canada to help those suffering from a massive wildfire afflicting the Fort McMurray area in Alberta.

FLK also pledged to raise another $50,000 and each location across Canada is having a fundraising event, as we continue to work to improve lives in our communities.

Local participants worked together to make the banquet a great success in a new venue, the Dragon Boat restaurant in Richmond Hill. Special Chinese cuisine was served to more than 230 people who went home with very happy bellies.  It was cold and rainy outside but there was a warm and excited buzz inside at the banquet, and talented musicians added to the atmosphere.

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Numerous dignitaries attended, including politicians from Markham, Richmond Hill, the city of Toronto, and the provincial government.  Representatives from several Chinese media recorded the event.

FLK president Marsha Eberhardt was present, along with international directors Dave Frame, John Huang, Tony Kwong, and Judy Millen, executive director Andrew Hung and secretary Jim Nicholson.

Participants also brought along family and friends, introducing their FLK family to people who may not be ready to enter a practice hall yet.

The banquet was an opportunity to practise filial piety, one of the eight virtues that are part of the underlying philosophy of Taoist training. The selflessness of mothers is a model  for us all as we acknowledge those who gave us life and nurtured us.  Respect, gratitude and honour for one’s parents are essential to cultivating oneself to be a better person, and we particularly appreciate and acknowledge Mother’s Day as it highlights this virtue.

Sharing at festivals and banquets is one of the many gifts our late founder Master Moy Lin Shin gave to us.

Don’t miss the next banquet; you can sign up now for November’s holiday banquet In Toronto.

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