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The Dragon's Head Blog: Danyus for Dunedin in the Atlantic Region

Many welcome thoughts on the Danyu Challenge……

The Danyu challenge has encouraged many participants to extend their limits and to discover the benefits of the extra practice.

Je sens la chaleur sous mes pieds ..Jean/ Moncton, NB

It makes shovelling snow easier..Claude/ Dartmouth, NS

Il faut en faire plusieurs chaque jour, pour sentir une différence ..Dora/ Moncton, NB

My danyus seem to be setting their own rhythm now..Judy/ Truro, NS

It’s easier to bend over to put on my socks ..Cam/ Halifax, NS

I feel much quieter but happier inside..Marjorie/ Truro, NS

They have helped my shoulder flexibility..Mary Ann/ Sackville, NS

I can go up the stairs much better..Penny/ St. Margarets Bay, NS

Doing danyus make the T.V. commercials fly by ..Gerry/ Dartmouth, NSWhen you are up you're up

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