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The Dragon's Head Blog: Colorado Branch Council host Graduation Brunch

Beginners’ graduation brunches at the Denver Branch are always highly anticipated for good eats from our kitchen volunteers, well-earned congratulations for completing the classes and an introduction to some of the branch’s leadership. Our April 2019’s brunch was special because it was prepared and served by our dedicated branch council. Forty members and friends, including many new graduates, enjoyed a delicious meal of pancakes, crispy bacon, and fresh fruit salad. Of special note, three pancake varieties were on offer–yummy regular flavor, a fantastic gingerbread recipe, and a delicious gluten-free–all perfectly fried of course. Sorry, there are no leftovers for those who missed this fun event! The next graduation brunch will be held on July 28th. 

We love celebrating our new graduates and continuing the tradition of passing on the Taoist Tai Chi® arts.

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