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The Dragon's Head Blog: Chinese New Year in the Western Region of Great Britain

The Western Region celebrated Chinese New Year on the 6th of February at their centre in Newport. The day started with chanting followed by the usual housecleaning and then preparing of food and decorating tables for the evening. This was followed by the practice of Taoist Tai Chi® arts in the afternoon.

Members were treated to beef, salmon, butternut squash and coconut and stir-fry vegetables with rice and prawn crackers all cooked by local members. Pudding came in the form of ice cream with a fresh orange and a cherry to symbolise fire as this year is the year of the fire monkey.

More than 70 people from the Western Region participated in the fundraising dinner and had a great time.  With a raffle we raised money for a lantern for the Western Region centre.

All those in the Western Region would like to wish their tai chi family Gong Hey Fat Choy.

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