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The Dragon's Head Blog: Central Region Workshop Report from Dunedin, Florida — Day Two

In group donyu practice, I shared the story of how I learned the donyu. My first donyu experience took a long time as pain was a bigger guide than the three instructors that finally taught me. Effectively, the donyu saved my life, and is still a big part of it. Barb, our group leader, asked me to share my story to a wider group. She sent me to see Virginia.

Virginia not only remembered me, but also remembered my issues. She wanted a short story, not my whole story. I told her that she gave me my life back. The donyu saved it, but the snake gave my life back. Virginia had to correct me again: « No, not me, Taoist Tai Chi™ gave you your life back. »

I really don’t think that the back pain, the car accidents, my continued sensitivity to touch, or anything else is actually the biggest part of the story any more. It is the healing path I am now on.  « Oh wow, you were really stretching there! » were the words my wife had of my toryu after a few seconds with Tony.

There are so many people that have helped me over the years, and none of them want anything back.  Helping others appears to be what everyone does here.  I am glad and grateful to be part of it.

David Cook
Peterborough/Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

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