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The Dragon's Head Blog: Central Region Report on the National Dan Yu Challenge

The final numbers from the 2016 Central Region dan yu challenge are now in. From the reports across the region everyone enjoyed the challenge and found a deeper understanding of the benefits of this exercise in the Taoist Tai Chi® arts. There were 1,385 participants and $17,780 was raised for the Fenway project. The number of reported dan yus was an amazing 2,614,927 and those that took on the additional snake challenge did 375,358 snakes during the 6-week challenge period.

A selection of the many comments from Central Region participants follow.

It’s simple math…more minutes in dan yus each day = more health benefits. — Barb

It’s increased my energy level, very important when you have fibromyalgia.  — Vicky

An incentive to do some every day of the week. It was a personal challenge.  — Helene

The dan yu challenge …the opportunity for extended practice. — Pat

I set a goal each day and that makes it easier to do them.  — Sandra

It helps my balance and posture.  — Bev

The more I do, the more I want to do.  — Desmond

I am now more aware of by body placement when I move.  — Judy

It is really inspiring for me to see that as I get older I am more physically capable.  — Jean

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