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The Dragon's Head Blog: Buzz grows at International Centre

The dinner tables are getting fuller and louder as people begin gathering from around the world for the programs about to begin at the International Centre.

And everyone is helping with keeping the Centre running smoothly and looking beautiful. Even the pandas are getting new coats.

The north field is looking like a real vineyard, with the grapevines bursting towards the sky thanks to all the hard work by many people over the past few years – ploughing, planting, watering, weeding, driving in poles and stakes, straining wires, pruning and mowing.

The temple gardens are getting special attention before the 10th Anniversary of the Grand Opening of the Three Religions Temple and International Awareness Day on August 3 during CIT Week.

Don’t forget to send  your stories and reflections on the expansion of the International Centre with the Three Religions Temple, The Hall of the Original Constellations (Dao Mo), the Memorial Hall, the Quiet Cultivation Centre practice hall, and the Meditation Suites to They may be used on the Tiger’s Mouth blog and in other publicity and promotional material.




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