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The Dragon's Head Blog: Balance through weight shifting in Helmond

Weightshifting, smiling and diligent practice:

The difference in Birgit’s tor-yu from last year until today couldn’t be more significant, as Andrew pointed out to us at the International Instructors Workshop in Helmond. From having to learn how to walk using donyus and toryus to demonstrating the toryu to all of us – it required effort and daily practice for her to regain so much of the mobility and well-being she lost in a car accident 22 years ago. Andrew pointed out that it isn’t important how much we practice but that we do it diligently with the understanding of the foundations, that will bring the health benefits. We should find the don-yu and the tor-yu in every move and be clear about the weight shifting. And last but not least: without smiling there is no relaxing.

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