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The Dragon's Head Blog: Active Senior Makes the Most of Every Day in Stratford, Ontario

The benefits of an active lifestyle are well documented in studies.  But for living proof look no further than Stratford’s Isabel Plant.
A five-day-a-week regular at the city’s branch of Taoist Tai Chi the energetic and charming senior celebrated her 90th birthday with fellow participants at the Ontario Street facility this week.
Along with Anneli Whyte, who turns 93 this summer, that makes two 90-plus members who are regulars at the branch.
« It’s what keeps me going, I really believe that, » said Plant after her daily, hour-long health recovery class.
She began practising Taoist Tai Chi® arts in Stratford back in 1988 after she and her late husband Cliff had retired to the city.
She learned the ancient art’s moves through beginner classes under the tutelage of trained leaders. Gradually, she gained enough skill to assist newcomers, as well.
« I enjoy responsibility, and being able to do something like that is wonderful, » she said.
Even now she assists with a class at the Cedarcroft Place retirement residence on a regular basis. But her focus remains the health recovery class, which she enjoys alongside a range of fellow participants with various health issues.
« They come in because they’re hurting, » she said.  « And it’s amazing some of the healing that goes on. »
For more information, visit, drop in to the Stratford branch at 670 Ontario St. or call 519-273-5614.

Courtesy of Scott Wishart of the Stratford Beacon Herald.



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