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The Dragon's Head Blog: 30 years worth of Taoist Tai Chi® arts celebrated in Newmarket

On Saturday September 19th, Newmarket hosted a 30th anniversary celebration which also coincided with the fifth anniversary at our beautiful location at 355 Davis Drive.

Despite the extensive construction activities on Davis Drive, everyone found their way to the celebration including Mayor Van Bynen who assured us that after three years of noise and disruption the construction would soon be coming to an end—another reason to celebrate! We also received greetings from MPP Chris Ballard’s representative, Rohit Singh; Dave Frame on behalf of the National Board of Directors; and Ray Horn on behalf of the Central Region Management Committee.

We performed multiple 108 move sets throughout the day and provided demonstrations of the sword and sabre sets. Although a storm was pending we were able to practice outside enjoying a “gentle” breeze prior to our celebration luncheon. All donations received will go to the FLK Projects Fund which at this time is supporting the Fenway project‎. We look forward to the next 30 years, as we continue to deepen our understanding of the dual cultivation through the practice of Taoist Tai Chi® arts.

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