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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Center Florida Construction Update

This is the International Center Florida construction update for the week ending January 31, 2016.
Building A

Window installers continue to install the east and west windows on the center wing of Building A.
Exterior Stairwells
The exterior stairwells on the north and south sides of the building have surveyors’ stakes in place prior to construction of new stairwell towers.
Concrete block was delivered for the stairwell construction.
A new patio wall was built to the south of the main entrance to replace the one removed due to damage.
New concrete block wall South Patio
Northeast (Dining and Kitchen) Wing
Construction continues on the second floor. All of the floor joists on the second floor need to be removed and replaced due to termite damage. The floor supports go up to the roof from the first floor in the photos below.
Framing continues on the second floor NE wing. Temporary walls were constructed down the center of the hallway while new floor joists are put in place and new walls are built in the center of the wing for support.
Second FloorJoistRepairsTempWallSecondFloor
Southeast Wing
Strapping continues in the SE wing now that warmer temperatures have returned. When the temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit the exoxy added to the clay block will not set.
The new elevator shaft’s exposed brick face was fireproofed. A new concrete block wall is being constructed to extend from the ground to the second floor to make up that part of the elevator shaft.
Building C​
The new storefront doors were installed this week.
BuildCStoreFrontNorthSouthEntryStoreFrontBuilding CSouthStoreFrontDoorRemoval
A new door was installed on the south side of the building and a new door was installed on the north side of the building.
Check back each week for updates.

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