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The Dragon's Head Blog: Christmas High Tea in Newport, South Wales

The Western Region Centre in Newport, South Wales, held a Christmas party with an unusual twist this year. A High Tea was organised with finger sandwiches of ham, egg and cucumber followed every possible type of cake, including mini eclairs, lemon drizzle cake, Christmas Cake, mince pies and lots of mini chocolate cakes along with individual jelly trifles.

54 people attended, with members from all parts of the southern half of the UK, from Kent & Sussex to Caerphilly by way of Colchester and Shropshire, all joining their Tai Chi friends in Wales.

Newport, 28 Nov 15 - Christmas High Tea - High Tea

A hamper, anonymously donated by a member, raised £285 with proceeds going to the Fenway project.
photo1 hamper
The high tea followed the usual Saturday practice day of cleaning our Centre in Newport in the morning with a tai chi session in the afternoon.Newport, 28 Nov 15 - Christmas High Tea - Table

A great time was had by all, and a total of £390 was raised on the day all to be donated to the Fenway Project.Newport, 28 Nov 15 - Christmas High Tea - Poster

Merry Christmas everyone.
photo6 santa

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