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The Dragon's Head Blog: The way we moved caught the politician’s eye

John Horgan, leader of the opposition in the British Columbia Legislature, was inspired by the spiritual feeling he saw in «the unity of movement» on Nov. 13 as he watched a combined class of health recovery and continuing participants complete a Taoist Tai Chi® arts set at the Pacific Region Centre in Vancouver.

The visit was prompted by another New Democratic Party MLA, Jane Shin (Burnaby-Lougheed) who attended the region’s Awareness Day festivities in September and came away impressed by what we do and the volunteer spirit with which we do it. Also in attendance were Melanie Mark, the party’s candidate in an upcoming by-election in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant, where the regional centre is located, and Burnaby City Councillor Anne Kang.

The guests had a lot of fun learning the first few moves of the set and learned how to do don-yus after watching an HR participant with MS show her stamina, strength, and flexibility in the movement. Participants talked to the politicians in an incredibly open hearted and spontaneous way about the benefits they had experienced from Taoist Tai Chi® practice: improved health in so many ways, community, and peace of mind! Following that the guests were served a Jai lunch from our own kitchen, and Mr. Horgan promised to speak about us in the B.C. Legislature.

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