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The Dragon's Head Blog: A warm welcome – International Workshop in Colchester, GB

At the 5-day International Workshop in Colchester, around 170 participants from 13 countries are enjoying a warm welcome, in exceptional (for England) temperatures of up to 32 degrees.

We have been practising what has been described as ‘cool tai chi’, taking advantage of the softening effects of the heat.

Mornings start with chanting – part of the rich tradition offered by Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi®.

The Taoist Tai Ch®i sets allow us to work on the tor-yu and the dan-yu, with a focus on balance, coiling, dropping, and pushing from the feet.

Local members put on their aprons to volunteer their time for a morning or an afternoon, to help with food preparation, tea making and the like. Mealtimes are an opportunity to catch up with friends and share stories.

A workshop is not so much about accumulating new information, it’s a chance to practise for longer – to step out of your life and into your body.

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