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The Dragon's Head Blog: Visitors Flock to Wong Dai Sin Temple

Wong Dai Sin Temple in Markham, Ontario, welcomed 272 visitors when it opened its doors for a second year to participate in the Doors Open Markham festival. The temple took part in the event from 10am until 4pm on Saturday, September 22, 2018.

Chanting took place for the entire day and 18 volunteers from five locations in the Toronto Branch assisted with tours and explanations of the various parts of the Temple, inside and out. Fairchild TV also visited to film the occasion.

Visitors toured the grounds before entering the temple and were amazed with the modern design and how beautifully it fit with the environs. Visitors took their time to learn about the Temple and the importance of each area in it. The Memorial Hall was a favourite with its sense of peace and tranquility. Many of the visitors then spent more time in the grounds appreciating for a second time the design of the Temple and seeing things they missed during their first tour.

As for the volunteers, we’re ready for next year. We all learned more about the Temple, and Taoism and maybe just a little bit about ourselves. The Wong Dai Sin Temple epitomises what we are all working toward – balance in our lives.

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