International Seniors Day in Helmond


31 October 2019 we celebrated the International Seniors Day in our Centre in Helmond, the Netherlands. We started with tai chi and the focussed on the physical benefits that Taoist Tai Chi® arts have on aging.  After the International Seniors Day class, we enjoyed each others company and shared together the tasty potluck lunch contributions.

A Saturday of Taoist Tai Chi in Brussels – Un samedi de Taoist Tai Chi à Bruxelles

Over the years, our celebration of the Chinese New Year has become a special event for us members of the TTCS. A time of meeting and sharing, where we work together to make this day a beautiful rewarding memory, between decoration, preparation of spring rolls, an intensive,  our delicious  meal, and a fundraising for the toilets in Helmond… so the opportunities have not missed !!!

It is also a privileged moment to introduce our association to our guests, allowing us to make a little better known what the TTCS is,  and in particular a very specific aspect of our organisation which are the goals and objectives that we pursue.

The one which gathered us on Saturday is to make known the richness of the Chinese culture, and by this means to promote the understanding and the respect of the people. This is how we had the great pleasure of being able to share it with the political women in charge of socio-cultural politics, sports and education of the district of Etterbeek – one of the 18 municipalities of Brussels.

As usual, it’s was a great day of practise !!!

Au fil des années, notre célébration du nouvel an chinois est devenu un rendez-vous particulier pour nous, membres de la STCT ; moment de rencontre et de partage, où nous travaillons ensemble pour faire de cette journée un beau souvenir enrichissant ; où entre décoration, préparation de rouleaux de printemps , un intensif et notre repas, ainsi qu’une levée de fonds pour les toilettes à Helmond..bref les occasions n’ont pas manquées !!!

C’est aussi un moment privilégié pour faire découvrir notre association à nos invités nous permettant ainsi de faire connaître un peu mieux ce qu’est la STCT, et notamment un aspect très spécifique de notre ADN que sont les buts et objectifs que nous poursuivons.

Celui qui nous a réuni samedi est de faire connaître la richesse de la culture chinoise, et par ce moyen de promouvoir la compréhension et le respect des peuples; c’est ainsi que nous avons eu le grand plaisir de pouvoir le partager avec l’Échevine des politiques socio-culturelles, des sport de de l’enseignement de la commune d’Etterbeek- une des 18 communes de Bruxelles.

Ce fut un belle journée  !!!


International program Bratislava in Slovakia 6 – 7 October 2018

Weight shifting was one of the key intentions in our practice during the first October weekend in Bratislava, Slovakia. We welcomed almost 150 participants from 11 countries all over the Europe.

Carmen Capilla shared with us her understanding and riches of Taoist Tai Chi® internal arts. Weight shifting, dropping and raising using our feet and bones helped us to improve balance. Together with keeping stillness of body, letting things happen, we could develop nature of our practice.

We have managed to run the program smoothly and we are looking forward for next one.