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The Dragon's Head Blog: The Power of Softness

A 7-day Taoist Retreat in the European Centre helped us see a way to live our lives more peacefully, developing healthier habits through daily practise; not rushing, not worrying, but taking the time to be soft, feel the inside, balance and improve step by step. We were helped to see the importance of a strong foundation, and what we can work on as individuals and as part of this amazing organisation; to see what we have and how we can use that to benefit ourselves and others.

Following this path, brings us closer to the Tao, to clarity and harmony, and rewards us with self-discipline and self-discovery. These arts are an integral part of Mr Moy’s teachings, which can be applied everywhere, all the time, to improve ourselves and our relationships. Applying them in the administration of the organisation gives us an example of how to apply them in everyday life.

Looking after each other, with the focus on harmony, we saw how working together as a group (including participants with a range of experience from several months to more than 30 years) helped us all to learn more and develop.

Here are some participants comments:

The pain I had in my neck is gone now. In a rush to get well, I’d become too external. With the softness, I give myself permission to take care of myself, to get well.

It feels like a stone has moved from my chest area. I’m lighter and more free.

I’m feeling the ground force, not the arms or legs, just balance.

I’ve more engagement with the whole spine.

Concentrating on balance, there was much less effort involved.

I felt my chest was warmer, like I’d had a massage.

I have a sense of an inner body and outer body; the outer body is flexible but I realise the inner body is very stiff. I need to practise softly a lot more.

It’s so nice to be able to let go of myself and follow the group.

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