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The Dragon's Head Blog: The benefit of working together in harmony in our Northern European Center in Helmond

Helmond, November 23-25, 2019

“There was a nice and special atmosphere, it felt very quiet right from the beginning”,  said a participant after the first day. Indeed, the atmosphere was very relaxed and helped us to focus and better integrate the instructions. We all worked intensively and with goodwill to experience the ground force, the extension and contraction as well as the turning of the spine.

All together we were 90 participants from 12 different countries and 9 additional volunteers from 6 countries. The Taoist Tai Chi Society of Germany and the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Switzerland organized the 3-day retreat. It was a real “working together in harmony” experience that helped everyone to realize that the Center in Helmond is truly a European center.

Below a few additional testimonials reflecting the atmosphere, the instruction and the potential one can find when practicing Taoist Tai Chi® arts:

“After a single day, my way of walking was different and I discovered, like a 3-month old child, that I have feet.”

“I am experiencing a better connection with the ground, and it gives me more confidence.” 

“I realize that this is more than a set of moves, it is a school of life.” 

Taoist Tai Chi® arts feel like an enormous wealth that integrates, yet in simplicity.”

«In the 3 years that I have been practicing Taoist Tai Chi® arts, I have reversed some of the damage that was done to me by a brain tumour some 20 years ago. I can now move more freely and with less pain. The tumour destroyed my pituitary gland and I therefore fail to make some hormones. Since I don’t start to make the cortisol from about 5.30 a.m. the way most people do, I usually wake up with a struggle and in a ‘fog’, and have to take cortisone in tablet form to become properly awake, 20 to 30 minutes later. The latest change was qualitatively different and quite startling. On the 3rd morning of the retreat I woke up fully alert. It was actually quite a shock, though a very pleasant one.»

The same participant got in touch with us after the program to tell us, «Waking up fully alert happened to me again this morning, now that I am at home. It sounds such a small thing but it feels quite dramatic and I am extremely grateful for the passing on of the teachings of Master Moy that have allowed for this transformation to take place.”

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