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The Dragon's Head Blog: Testimonials from International Workshop in Helmond, Netherlands

Today we heard several stories.

One of the members has radiation pain from the shoulder to the arm. She told us that she went to the doctor the day before this workshop. He advised her to double her morphine dose. Instead she decided to register for the five-day workshop. With a big smile on her face she shared with us that after two days attending the program, the pain reduced and on the fourth day she stopped taking morphine.

Another story is from a member who had a hernia in the lower back long time ago. Every day she has nerve pain and does not feel her whole foot. After applying the tai chi walk and the opposite forces in the set she could feel the floor under her feet again. She also told us: “My arms felt empty, but now they are more connected to the rest of my body. It feels balanced and grounded. Normally I have pain every morning.  Now the pain is almost gone.” She continued: “After getting up, my daily routine is to walk around and do a tai chi set so that I can continue the day without pain. On the fourth day I got up without pain. That was a really wonderful experience! Do you have any idea how it is to be without pain?”

<em>Taoist Tai Chi</em> Helmond

We may not have pain ourselves, but we can learn from the stories. And this is good motivation to keep practicing!

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