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The Dragon's Head Blog: Staying alive…

While many of us are working hard to improve our health, Bob, a participant from Colchester in Great Britain, is just focussing on staying alive. Here is his story:

2 years ago I broke my arm and had to do everything with my left hand. The doctor told me the cause of the break was terminal cancer. I was told I had 12 to 18 months to live.

Even after repair I could not get my hand to my mouth and I was told by the hospital that I might never get any more movement, may never drive again and would have to learn to live with the pain. Even though the prediction for that was just over a year I would not accept this and asked for physiotherapy. However, after physio I still only had about 50% movement.


I had heard that tai chi might help and after reading up about it on the International website I decided to join the Taoist Tai Chi Society and learn Tai Chi. Now; I not only have 95% movement back, but I feel 100% better and have so much more belief in myself.

The doctor cannot believe that the chemo pills are still working after more than 20 months when they should have only worked for 6 months and keeps telling me that whatever I am doing I should keep it up.

I firmly believe that Tai Chi is not only the reason for my improvement but is actually keeping me alive.

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