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The Dragon's Head Blog: Solar Eclipse Reveals Ancient Dragon Skeleton in Orangeville!

Breaking news from South Central Ontario at the location of the International Tai Chi Centre … shown here surrounded by Taoist Guardians in front of the Guardian’s house, with the Three Religions Temple in the background, shortly after the passing of the solar eclipse, a resident volunteer was caught making off with a cart load of ancient dragon skeleton parts!

The volunteer, whose name has not yet been released, was caught when he stopped his cart to ask directions. At that point, the volunteer was intercepted and given a double push! There’s wide speculation that he may go by the monicker, Tai Chi Addict.

The Taoist Guardians are holding him for questioning. When asked if he had any accomplices, the Guardians said no, that he appeared to be a lonely goose.

They also shared that he had attempted to use a very ancient Taoist decoy technique by making sounds in the East while hitting the uncovered skeletons in the West.

A local woodcutter was the only witness questioned by the Guardians. According to reports, he had seen the volunteer trying to hold his horse at a cliff edge, in fact the witness saw him hold the horse at the cliff twice! Shortly afterwards, the angry horse turned his head and broke away like a wild horse chasing the wind, passing a child delivering letters and up one of the high mountains with running water. The woodcutter couldn’t recall if it went left or right, but was quite sure the angles had something to do with parting that wild horse’s mane. The woodcutter said that the volunteer then pushed the cart himself, as easily as pushing a boat along water.

Representatives from the nearby Archeological Service say the dragon skeleton definitely appears to be that of a hibernating dragon, however, they have not yet identified its colour. According to an unnamed source in the Archeological Service, the claws suggest the dragon may have been Green, though the turn of the body suggests a Yellow dragon, and the tail indicates Black. A well known Lok Hup authority and member of the Crouching Tiger Listens to Wind fan club, under strict guarantees of anonymity, cast light on the question, saying that the spine looked like it was used for stirring water, and therefore the colour would unequivocally be Red. That same authority said that the internal geometry of the whole situation was very specific and rife with metaphor.

The setting for this otherworldly intrigue is a lovely acerage in Mono township, the closest city being Orangeville. It’s a picturesque rural setting with rivers flowing, never ceasing and gentle winds that sweep the leaves. That very same wind can be counted on twice a day to part the clouds and show the sun. In the spring, geese fly in pairs and swallows fly diagonally, skimming the water, carrying sand, then swoop up to penetrate the clouds. And if one is very lucky, they will catch a glimpse of a sparrow hawk as it flies through the forest, where monkeys can be seen picking fruit. It is a magical place where the wind sways the lotus leaves and the universe is swirled!



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