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The Dragon's Head Blog: Shifting Weight at the Horseshoe Centre

Participants from seven area branches gathered at the Horseshoe Centre in St. Catharines for an evening intensive on Monday evening, July 23rd. Those who attended a pot luck dinner held before the program were treated to a wonderful table that nourished our bodies and prepared us for an evening on fun and introspection. Fung Loy Kok director John Balinski was our instructor for the evening.

We practised a period of quiet standing after two sets and then went on to practise jongs. As we focussed on the tor-yu, we were asked to think only about shifting weight from foot to foot and to describe what we were feeling in our feet. We gradually became aware of the warmth in our feet, the flattening of our feet and the relaxation in our bodies. As legs, hips and shoulders relaxed we began to feel the connection between our feet and the movement of weight. Our movement became calmer, more relaxed and more connected.

We heard about the opening in November, of the new International Center in Dunedin, Florida, and the importance of this major addition to our organization. The group was encouraged to attend this amazing celebration. Master Moy, who asked us all to plan for the future, would have been pleased to see this important facility take shape.

After another set where we practised our weight shifts in all of our tor-yus, we ended the evening thinking about the gift that Master Moy has provided. Through awareness comes connection and through connection between our mind and body comes the benefits of the internal alchemy that is this wonderful healing art form.

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