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The Dragon's Head Blog: Shifting to Balance — May Health Recovery Week at International Centre in Orangeville, Ontario

“Keep it simple”, says Frazer Smith as he leads 31 participants at the May Health Recovery program at the International Centre in Orangeville.  “Up, up, …” go the participants as the instructor guides us through the first few moves of the set. And slowly, gently, softly day one ends with a shifting to balance.
At Health Recovery every day is about balance and timing — in our tai chi within ourselves and with the group.
Meeting old friends, making new ones, chopping vegetables together, doing dishes with others, and chanting complement our search for balance in the danyus and toryus.

“What was the instruction?” Frazer reminds us as he demonstrates another move, guiding us to remember the steps of the move.
As our questions come forth we are guided to understand ourselves and to go deeper within to find the balance. And each day we come closer to balancing the mind, body, and spirit as we practice these Taoist Tai Chi® arts.


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