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The Dragon's Head Blog: Chili Cook-Off Fundraiser in Ottawa, Ontario

The Ottawa branch hosted its first annual Chili Cook-Off on Saturday, February 27th.  Posters announced the event approximately six weeks beforehand.  A friendly competition developed between the seventeen Ottawa branch locations as the day drew near.  The afternoon went smoothly thanks to members of the branch Seniors’ Committee, who oversaw organizing the cook-off.

Upon arriving, each participant signed in and received a voting kit.  Each kit contained a reusable spoon, a small cup and three coloured voting chips. There were three categories for the nineteen chili entries.

The Best Presentation designation went to the Tai Chi-huahua submission from the Orleans location.


The one deemed Just Like Mom’s went to the Chili Con Cornwall entry from the Cornwall location.


And the Best Chili Ever, winner of the Golden Saguaro Cactus Award, went to Rosa’s CP Cantina, from the Carleton Place location.


The Ottawa branch had great fun preparing for and participating in this fundraising event to help support the new International Centre in Dunedin, Florida, with the bonus of warm chili bellies in February! We had 118 participants and raised $1050.


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