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The Dragon's Head Blog: No Hurry at Brisbane International Workshop


The five-day International workshop held recently in Brisbane Queensland had the highest number of attendees so far at an Australian workshop. There were 191 participants doing Taoist Tai Chi® arts, creating an atmosphere of gentle, calming purpose…..No Hurry!!

Our worldwide membership was evident with people attending from New Zealand, Canada, Costa Rica and most parts of Australia. Many conversations involved personal health benefits, physical, emotional/or spiritual. Cultural exchange abounded with various accents but we all spoke Taoist Tai Chi® arts. Regardless of level of experience all were helped during the instruction and practice sessions.

DSC_0439Tony Kwong our international instructor and his team of experienced group leaders guided us through some of the moves of the set. Refining and lots of practice was encouraged and appreciated by all. Foundation exercises really are the pillars of our training. Don-yus/ Tor-yus and the hand/arm exercises ARE THE SET…that was my light bulb moment!!

As a beginner instructor I will continue to focus on the basics including alignment and angles. Social interaction, enjoyment and a sense of belonging will, I believe, continue Master Moy’s legacy. Learning in a friendly, supportive environment hopefully will encourage our beginners to continue on to a deeper and broader experience on their journey in the Taoist Tai Chi® arts.  A big thank you to the workshop organizers and to Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi® for sharing these teachings. Knowledge gained and shared is a gift for all.

 Contributed by Terry Feltus, an instructor from Adelaide, attending her first international workshop.



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