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The Dragon's Head Blog: New Zealand beginner’s first weekend

The Learn Tai Chi in a Weekend program was held in Tauranga, New Zealand, on August 12-14. There were four absolute beginners surrounded over the weekend by six to eight instructors. What a ratio to ensure maximum learning. It was a daunting prospect for us newbies but the atmosphere over the whole weekend was relaxed and fun, with never-ending confidence by the instructors in our abilities.

beginner wkend

The repetitive nature of the exercises meant that as the set progressed we were able to relax in the familiar moves. On reflection about the whole weekend, the learning was so easy because of the instructors and any other members of the New Zealand Taoist Tai Chi Society who popped in to lend a hand with the great catering, sharing of their experiences about Taoist Tai Chi® arts and the society, advice with moves and encouragement.

The next day I went to my first continuing class and felt I had been a member of long standing. I was relieved that I remembered most of the moves and like everyone in the room took away even more. I look forward to my journey with Taoist Tai Chi® practice and being part of the journey of other people too. – John

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