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The Dragon's Head Blog: National Danyu Challenge Report

We want to thank everyone for their overwhelming support from across Canada for the National Danyu Challenge. The feedback was quite inspiring. We completed together a total of 4,893,767 danyus, 97,780 snakes, and so far we have received $31,964 in donations … but there are more continuing to come in.

Here is some of the feedback:

Getting better everyday. — Sheila

Je deviens de plus en plus souple, forte, persévérante, constante et détendue. — Lise, Montréal (I’m getting more supple, stronger, more persevering, more constant and more relaxed)

I don’t have to hold onto the arm of a chair anymore when I sit down or stand up. — Ethel

Le défi m’a permis de découvrir un nouvel ami… le Serpent! — de la Région de l’Est (The challenge introduced me to my new best friend : Snakes !)

I am happier and quieter inside. — from the Atlantic Region

It’s simple math… more minutes in danyus each day = more health benefits. — Barb

It is real inspiring for me to see that as I get older I am more physically capable. — Jean

There were quite a few people who were out of the country and emailed in their numbers (from Mexico, Europe, and Australia).

From across Canada everyone enjoyed the National Danyu Challenge and gained a deeper understanding of the benefits of this foundation exercise in the Taoist Tai Chi® arts. Just like we tell the beginners the important thing is to continue practicing and have fun. Again we wanted to thank everyone for their support.

The Regional Presidents

Steve Dingwall
Joé Thibault
John Balinski
Frazer Smith
Verity Rolfe

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