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The Dragon's Head Blog: A Masquerade Ball in Sarasota, FL

The 8:00 am class took responsibility to plan a holiday party at the Sarasota, FL branch.  Afraid it would be difficult to lure people out of their comfortable homes during the holiday break, the class decided to do something different.  With Branch Council support, and a bit of skepticism – the idea was put into motion.  A Masquerade Ball!!!  And with the belief that many do not go out on New Year’s Eve – the decision was to have it on the EVE of New Year’s Eve – sort of an «early bird special.»
The search began for an affordable DJ  (Cousin of a member)  Costumes – including capes, masks and an assortment of long ballroom gloves,  and of course Good FOOD.  The donations arrived!  Best time?  6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
Just over 50 people attended this really fun event.   Most took advantage of the «props» of costumes and accessories  for photos and just for fun.  The food was upscale and the dancing continuous.  Many said they had not danced so much in decades!There are several hundred pictures from the event….but I leave you with just  these three. If you want more I will send you the link when all the photographers have submitted their collection..Dreams are in the air for 2016!!

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