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The Dragon's Head Blog: Making the most of the isolation

I usually go in the garden and try to find a flat spot amidst the tussocks. I’m very careful to start in a good position, remembering how to stand and very important to be relaxed, body first and then quieting my mind. Sometimes I just stand and at others I do some foundations, again taking time and care to try to recall instructions and corrections. This makes me focus and relax as well. Occasionally, I have prepared indoors where the total silence adds a different dimension to the experience which can also be helpful and appropriate at times. – Paddy

Practising at home the other morning reminded me of the story of Mr Moy saying ‘ it’s easier for the monks – they don’t have all the distractions you guys have’. It just is a real privilege to practice Taoist Tai Chi® arts at this time of ‘Quiet’ in the world. The Tai Chi feels softer, and also the dropping inside, helping me to let go of some of the tension I carry.

Hearing a member recently stating that they have never felt so happy as at this moment in time, helped me reflect and realise that I too have a real feeling of contentment right now.  I actually have a feeling of empowerment from the practice. – Marie

The ‘lockdown’ means I am giving myself more time to chant every day, do my tai chi practice, watch and listen to videos on our website, read, and bit by bit, learn more about Taoism.  Things in my life seem to be coming together, including family relationships, and I can see how much impact all this is having on my life in a wider sense than just doing the exercise. – Sue

So… still sticking with the foundations, mainly with the first two.  This hadn’t been my intention initially, but as the days passed I found that I was reluctant to move on to another until it felt…. harmonious, quiet and soft.  There seems to be a point at which my ams feel weightless.  And my standing self is somehow very solid and at one with the ground.  As if it is part of the ground.

This takes time.  And it rarely lasts for very long….it is worth continuing, I think. – Penny

I read a blog on the website which talked about following someone’s back whilst doing a set in class, and how the lockdown has given us the opportunity to concentrate on our own tai chi. This made me think more about the way I feel when doing tai chi on my own.

Practising one part of the set at a time reminds me of Retreats where we repeat a move over and over again. Among the things I’ve been particularly focusing on are alignment and turning the spine.

I certainly think that working on individual moves like this is helping to reduce the stress of isolation, and it’s also a way of enjoying exercise when I can’t go out. – Ros

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