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The Dragon's Head Blog: Making room for practice


I use the different rooms in the house for my tai chi practice –
The loft room… holding on the bannister I do snakes.
Standing in front of large mirror in the bedroom… I can check on what I’m actually doing with the Tor Yus and the foundation exercises, interspersed with Dan Yus.
The spare bedroom… Dan Yus using the ottoman as a guide for the sit and the foot board of the bed as a guide for the arms so that they do not go too low.
The bathroom… holding on the sink I work on high Dan Yus working on relaxing and dropping.
The landing bannister… more Dan yus holding on to the banister focussing on the drop going straight down.
The downstairs bathroom… more High Dan yus holding on the sink working on relaxing and dropping, and a chance to catch my breath.
The lounge… 50 free-standing Dan yus.
The lounge or garden depending on the weather… a nice slow tai chi set – this lasts at least 25 mins now. Instructions and corrections from past workshops slip into my thoughts as I slowly go through the set, I feel I am working on them in more depth and with more understanding.
Ending with the Lok Hup set.
After that I sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and think about what daily tasks I might want to undertake. This tai chi practice routine really sets me up for the day and helps to keep me focussed and positive during these challenging times. Being in isolation has created more time in the day for me to find the stillness through regular practise. Sandra


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