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The Dragon's Head Blog: Looking Back and Looking Forward in Winnipeg, Manitoba

As we look forward to 2018, we find ourselves looking back at a significant event. We celebrated a happy milestone as a branch. We welcomed participants and guests to our 35th anniversary celebrations on Friday, October 13, 2017. Our practice hall at 401 Henderson Highway in Winnipeg, Manitoba was transformed into a gathering space for conversation and sharing memories, surrounded by the tasteful decorations and food-laden tables. The din of community and conversation enveloped us. During the evening there were greetings from our National Program Instructor, our Branch President, a recounting of the history of our organization and its growth in our branch, a moving testimonial as well as demonstrations of the various FLK Taoist Tai Chi® arts.  A slideshow of photos from past and present acknowledged the commitment of so many to the vision that Master Moy had for all of us. It was an evening of celebration, acknowledging commitment, thankfulness, and toasting our past.

On Saturday and Sunday, Chris Lewis led a National Program that was attended by approximately 80 participants representing all of western Canada. We were encouraged to explore our own practice through alternating between the beginner and continuing forms. Participants shared their feelings of the differences internally and externally. During a time of discussion, we read aloud Master Moy’s last words and reflected on how we can live our practice 24 hours a day for ourselves and for others.

Throughout the anniversary weekend we honored the traditions that have built this organization: protocol, propriety, virtues, the red envelope and the sharing of food and knowledge. With Chris’ guidance and subtle role modelling, we left with smiles on our face and a deepened understanding of the arts. We left the building acknowledging the 35 years we have had and with a heightened desire to continue to do good deeds and to help others. We left with a renewed sense of purpose and with the knowledge that we had set the stage for exploring our future together.

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