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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark

In a cold Copenhagen 77 members from 11 countries (Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA, Canada and Denmark) came together to practice Taoist Tai Chi® arts at an international workshop.


And very soon the workshop leader, Carmen Capilla from Spain, made everybody forget the cold when she inspired us to explore, expand and enjoy the arts Master Moy brought us.


With joy and laughter she helped us understand how we can develop our understanding with awareness in every move. Working the foundations into the set and focusing on weight shifting while experiencing “the muffin moment”, lightly expanding in all directions.  We also enjoyed the snakes, setting up the structure to be balanced and strong.


Quite a few members came for their first workshop and experienced the joy of working together, sharing experiences both in the practice, and during meals and tasks.  And they now have a lot of new friends to meet in workshops all over the world during the year of the rooster.

And we will all remember that the tai chi is important, but it is not serious, so let us ENJOY!




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