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The Dragon's Head Blog: An International Seniors’ Day Experience in Vancouver

On October 1st, 18 participants from the Sunshine Coast made the journey to celebrate International Seniors’ Day at the Pacific Region Centre in Vancouver. This entailed a 40-minute ferry ride at 6:30 in the morning, then a bumpy school bus ride to the centre. Three of us went in the night before to be able to join in the video link, also needing to rise early to be at the centre by 6:30 am. It was wonderful to be part of the video which linked 12 locations. We were connected with fellow participants from around the world, many whom we only but once a year and many who were new to us. We felt a genuine connection through our shared practice.

Once we arrived we were welcomed with a continental breakfast and later an excellent lunch was also served. More and more we realize how setting up tables, making tea, as well as preparing and serving food for each other are an integral part of the experience of Taoist Tai Chi® practice. The Pacific Region was happy to welcome as an invited guest the Honourable Alice Wong, Member of Parliament for Richmond, British Columbia. She was very impressed with our participation in the United Nations’ initiative to celebrate the older person and seemed to enjoy joining the group in doing danyus and toryus!

In the afternoon session we explored our balance by finding the connections between the tailbone, fingertips, feet and top of the head. Practicing the form, danyus and toryus and doing sets together with 180 others filling yet not crowding the room was icing on the cake. It was very impressive when we realized how all of this was organized and executed by our senior members, which we often forget we are, as we feel younger and stronger all the time.

Our road trips to the centre in Vancouver provide us with wonderful opportunities to gather and journey together, and to get to know participants from other locations a little better. Our sense of belonging to something welcoming, expansive and caring continues to develop and deepen with each event we attend. Thank you to all those who lead and instruct, and to Master Moy for all we gain through the practice of the arts he taught.

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