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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Programmes as Family Gatherings

Part of the joy the Society brings to us are the opportunities for the family to get together, deepen our understanding of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts and get to know each other better.

This year Allen Pearce from Portland, Oregon was assigned to lead our International programme and was able to spend an extra day with us before returning home. Jill Patterson from Florida also came to help out and participate in the programme. Some of the Costa Rica board members were able to take time off from work and share a little of the beauty of our country.

We enjoyed  meals together during the International programme held at the European School in Heredia, at a member’s house after the programme and at a local restaurant the following day.

We were able to get out and about and to enjoy the views, get to know the local neighbourhood walking in the forest,

meet the local fauna, including eyelash vipers, heliconids and toucans.


We moved through the canopy enjoying the rain forest aerial tram.


Soon we will be gathering together on a grand scale at the International Centre in Canada with family from far and wide to celebrate the development of the Society and the gifts that Master Moy brought us. What a privilege and such a joy.

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