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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Program in Lamballe

IWS Lamballe 2

The French TTCS members were very excited about welcoming Sean Dennison as the leader of the last weekend workshop in Lamballe.

Sean helped us to find Don-yus and Tor-yus in the set. The more we can find them in the set, the best we improve our practice and our health. He helped us to look for internal connections between inside and outside and incited us to practice Don-yus and Tor-yus every day and everywhere, even if we don’t wear our tai chi shoes or tai chi equipment. What might surprise our colleagues or family but they’ll want to be part of it when they see how healthy and happy we’re becoming with a daily practice.

At a chanting practice on Sunday morning, Sean gave us a Master Moy’s recommendation to learn by heart 2 chants: “Jing tin dei san jau” and “Gam gwong san jau”. How: In repeating them 10 000 times!

Sean took various opportunities during the International program to tell us Master Moy’s stories . It helped us to deepen our understanding of the so rich culture of the Society.

Many thanks to Sean for sharing his great knowledge with us and for making this weekend such a success.

IWS Lamballe 3

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