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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Center Florida Construction Update

Here is the news from our newest international center for the week ending September 18, 2016.

The first two guests of the Fenway Hotel are being rudely asked to leave each day by construction workers. A small owl and raccoon are being regularly chased out of the building each morning. The have found the changes most pleasing and suit their needs perfectly. We are confident that once all the doors and windows are installed and the building is air conditioned that they will understand that their stay here has come to an end.

Below is a list of work completed this week on the hotel.

Spray Foam Insulation Work

Closed cell foam, which is moisture impermeable, was applied underneath the floor deck or joists on the first floor in the southeast wing. In areas where the height of the crawl space is too low the foam was sprayed directly to seal the floor.


Floor Decking

The final layer of flooring was installed in the northeast wing second floor.

Roofers have begun installing scuppers in preparation for stucco. They are starting on the north side of the building and will move to the south. Scuppers are outlets in the side of a building for draining water.
Stucco and drywall
Stucco preparation work has started on the northeast wing where the old kitchen chimney was.
Drywall has begun in the southeast wing second floor.
Window and Trim Installation
Window and trim installation continues.
All under-floor rough-in is completed and inspected in the southeast wing first floor.
The outside of the building is having a face lift! New eyebrows are being installed and paint colors are being selected.
Do check The Tiger’s Mouth again for more updates.

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