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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Center Florida Construction Update for March 11, 2016

There has been lots of activity in the southeast wing of the A building (the Fenway Hotel). This wing has had the roof dried-in. This refers to the process of applying a layer of roofing paper, tar and a thick rubber material to waterproof the roof. The final roofing material layer for all of the wings will be placed at a later date.

Roofers3-4 RoofersTarMachine3-1Roofers3-1


Plumbers started installing drain pipes.

Plumbers1stFlSEwing_3-3 Plumbers3-4


Electricians have begun running wires.


Framing and strapping is almost complete.


Window installers have started on the southeast wing as well. This wing should be the first completed.

WindowInst3-1 WindowInst3-3 WindowInstSEwing2-29

On the northeast side of the building the second floor joists were completed and the load bearing walls are being framed.

Framing2ndFlNEwing3-3_2 2ndFlNEwingIntWalls3-4


The new elevator shaft in the lobby is being framed.

ElevatorWall3-4FramerOnElevatorWall3-4  ElevatorIntWall3-4

The new support column for the lobby was completed.

MasonsLobbyCol2-29 LobbyColTop3-3

Do check back for more updates on the progress of this new center for practicing Taoist Tai Chi® arts.

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