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The Dragon's Head Blog: Harmony and Self-repair

Participants took the opportunity to work together harmoniously and deepen their understanding of the teachings of Master Moy, making new habits to help them improve their health, mental and physical.

Emphasis throughout the five days was on underlying principles and foundations of Taoist Tai Chi® Arts. 

Time was taken each day to work on the dan yu, and participants were able to share the feelings that resulted – of the circulation of energy and warmth; of relief of tension in areas of the spine; of lightness; of calmness; of strength. Many reported letting go of pain.

Participants also explored the tor yu, finding the dan yu in the tor yu, and using the force from the feet to turn the spine. One participant, who had previously badly injured their hand, found an opening of the palm that had not been felt since their accident.

Noticeably over the 5 days of the retreat, sets became less showy, more quiet, balanced and solid, more three-dimensional, more joyful.

There were opportunities during discussion to talk together about applying Master Moy’s teachings in everyday life, of self-repair, the benefits of volunteering, the privilege of being a leader in training, and of not worrying, instead just doing it.

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