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The Dragon's Head Blog: Forever Young in Pleasant Hill, California

Forever young is how we were inspired to feel during our recent international workshop in Pleasant Hill, California.  The program was offered by our guest instructor Executive Director of the International Taoist Tai chi Society, Andrew Hung.


Many attendees at the workshop were newer students. Andrew addressed their questions in encouraging and helpful ways.


His question to the group was whether they knew how the external graceful movements relate to the inner workings of their body.


There were fundraising opportunities for the Sonoma wildfire disaster relief efforts, as many of our members live there.  Items included survival bags and succulent plants.


During the lunch break Andrew Hung asked for ideas on how to expand our society in the San Francisco Bay area and other parts of California.


Andrew praised the group of nearly 80 attendees that they all knew the set very well. Their tai chi set looked beautiful. Andrew also reminded everyone to smile.


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