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The Dragon's Head Blog: First Beginner’s Weekend of 2016 in Newport

The weekend of January 16 and 17 saw three beginner weekend events, all at the same time, at three different centres around Great Britain.

The Western Region Centre hosted its second beginner weekend and welcomed 40 keen tai chiers (9 of whom had never tried Taoist Tai Chi before) to the event.

People travelled from Oxford, Milton Keynes, Devon, and Telford, as well as some more local people from Bristol and South Wales.

The course started slowly to allow many newcomers to find their feet (and their balance) and by the end of the first day we finished up to the end of wave hands.

A delicious lunch was served in the middle of the day and the practice was interspersed with talks given by Crispin and Mary, who were leading the event, about Mr. Moy and Taoist Tai Chi Society.

On Sunday the group found their rhythm, and the whole set was finished by the close at 2pm.  The beginners proudly received their new t-shirts, and all agreed that even the beginners’ form provides a very complete workout.

Thank you to all who took part.

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