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The Dragon's Head Blog: Finding quietness in Helmond


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During a 5-day International Workshop in Helmond, the Netherlands 164 people from 15 countries gathered to seek more quietness in the tor yu. ‘Gentle’, ‘softness’, ‘from the spine’, ‘balance’, ‘keep the connection’, are some of the words Jim Nicholson used to help us find a better understanding and feeling of the tor yu. Further on during the week we tried to apply this quietness in Parting Wild Horse’s Mane, Brush Knees and Fair Lady Works Shuttles. Every morning would start with a chanting session, for those who liked to participate. We were able to broaden further our knowledge of the Taoist Tai Chi™ arts and rituals. One of the treasures of our society is how we’re able, by working together, to create a marvelous and smooth week for others and how we’re able to respect everyone’s special needs and cares.




On Saturday evening we celebrated the start of the Year of the Monkey with a Chinese New Year banquet. Local politicians attended and members brought their families which amounted to 263 people. Speeches, a testimonial, new year’s wishes in different languages from 15 countries, members playing live music and a demonstration of Taoist Tai Chi as well as excellent dishes prepared by the kitchen staff made for a wonderful evening. We ended by singing a Chinese song together and a toast from the national board. Gung hei fat choy!



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